Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gaga for Gardening - A Secret Garden

Gaga about gardening - that's me.  Gaga about trees. Gaga about foliage.  Gaga about sticks and twigs.  Gaga about creepers, climbers and ground covers.  Gaga about the smell of a good compost.  I go a bit potty about pots as well and am forever potting another pot.  

All kinds of things that I've collected over the years become part of the garden, eg watering cans that belonged to my grandfather, full of holes - will be hanging somewhere.  Rusted cast iron cot - became the perfect place for star jasmine and sweetpeas to scramble over.  Broken pots become water receptacles for feathered and furry creatures.   Reeds from my brother's farm become perfect stakes for a tomato plant. Trimmed vines get wrapped around trees and pots or become wreaths.  

Passionate.  Cuckoo.  Gaga for gardening. Probably a little nuts in some people's eyes.  All this happens when its gardening season. Family and friends get neglected because I'm in the garden.  I seldom come out the garden without my hair being full of bush.  My vocabulary goes a bit haywire when its gardening time and I do better at showing pictures then.  

Let me begin with a few nice ones.  This is what the garden looks like today - I can't bear to begin the blog post with those ugly ones first.  So look at some pretty ones first. 

Variegated elderberry in foreground.  Wrought iron bedstead with sweetpeas and other scramblers.  Sutera creeping around the broken pot which is the dog's favourite drinking bowl.  Alyssum, lavender, lambs ear - all a bit crammed I know - all of that underneath the chinese stinkwood.

The coriander is flowering profusely.  Fennel, tomatoes and greenpepper are merrily growing together in a planter box made from pallets - pallet not visible

This picture taken in same spot as the BEFORE one below.  Flagstones with pebbles in a pathway flanked by a variety of plants with contrasting foliage.  Initially there were two rows of pavers next to each other all the way.  It looked awful. Just like a runway.  Some pavers were removed and replaced with plants and a variety of things to break the intimidating pathway.  
Two and a half years ago.  My gaga for gardening vanished into thin air when I saw this bleak picture.  It was dismal.  It was depressing.  It was gaga-less.  (The view below is same position as the one above - the top of the picture is just cut off.  The pathway you see above leads to that door down there).

The dreadful BEFORE.  Gagaless

BEFORE : From the other side - I was speechless.  Bleak. Neglected.  
AFTER - Same view as above picture

A hopeless case (I thought)
Two and a half years later - with some tender loving care - she gives me great joy.  Here's a few more pics of the gaga woman's garden.

The wooden box made from pallets with some edibles.  The bed on the right flourishes from my washing machine's water that we lead into the garden.  (Saving water)

Old wrought iron twirly wirly bits 

Buddleia Davidii is a fragrant plant rewarding me with vigorous growth and flowers (also called the Butterfly Bush)

Just swinging around here

A bunch from my garden (My granny rose, lavender, nicotiana, miniature agapanthus and a mystery white flower

An ornate wrought iron trellis plus old weathered doors hide the dreadful washing line.  Plumbago planted either side of a concrete bench.  Reeds make a teepee around a wannabe topiary tree.


Clipped vines wrapped around an ugly tree trunk

Buddleia blooming merrily

Come sit a bit

Tomorrow's tomatoes



I hang around  here often

Sweet little creeper

Hanging Basket

Watering can hanging as decoration

Retired watering cans

This structure made from wrought iron bits and pieces providing a frame work for the star jasmine to grow over.

An old bell 

Big leafed elephant ear the main focus here

Elephant ear has a flower, Star jasmine on the left.  Sutera and another little groundcover doing well.

Quite a beauty - flower of the elephant ear

Metal hoops of an old barrel provide willing gripping for the creepers

An old bucket hanging in a tree

Chester's favourite drinking bowl is a broken old flower pot

Growing in a crack in the pathway

A pottery frog serves as landing perch for timid birds

Trapped in a sunray

Star jasmine

Star jasmine and wrought iron making friends

Geranium Maderense

Geranium Maderense close up

He lives in a  hanging basket

A cement pillar and bench became a feature in this bed.  

Low down - flowering prettily.

Rugged and Beautiful

Budding Buddleia again

A damaged abalone shell 

Another glimpse

My blooming garden makes me gaga

Shhh - not ready yet

Buds on the lemon tree

The little purple creeper going gaga in my garden = like me

The best of all - a bunch from my garden
Giving thanks - a tiny bottle with flowers
hanging in the garden
in memory of my Mum
For my Mum who loved my offerings from my garden
And there I have revealed my secret escape to you - my back yard.  If you see me in the shops with bush in my hair - be sweet about it please.

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